Genhis Khan


Player Name : Max Krueger
Character Name: Genghis Khan
Role: Detective/Skill Monkey/Ritualist.

I once conquered the world so that I might save it. I am told that millions upon millions of people across the world now share my blood, my ancestry. Knowing that and accepting that, I am lead to one inexorable conclusion. I must protect my children. Now think upon this fact carefully and calmly; If a world could not stop me before, what chance do you have now?

From what I’ve been seeing Genghis is probably going to be the least flashy hero here, but he should still be quite useful. His abilities are roughly at what MnM says are at the peak of human achievement, and his magic sword and bow should allow him to deal a decent amount of damage in combat when he needs to. He isn’t a tank though, but I don’t think I would want him to be. Genghis’s strength is his intelligence and his use of ritualist should a focal point of his character. If it can be helped, I would prefer that no one else takes inventor or ritualist. In terms of combat, Genghis relies on his high FGT, Dodge, and Parry. However, his greatest combat weaknesses are his relatively low Fortitude and Toughness scores. Genghis probably isn’t going to be a front line fighter.

In terms of roleplay, this Genghis Khan is very much a comic book style, larger than life magical mythologized Genghis Khan. He’s awoken from a great slumber, with a number of magical artifacts and abilities from his adventures and conquests and seeks to protect the world from an ancient magical threat, as well as anything else he deems as a threat to his people. However, this is less of a gesture out of the goodness of his heart, and more of him taking care of what he views as his i.e the world. Genghis will kill if he thinks it is justified, but will stop if he is prevented by another PC. He seeks out other powerful heroes ( The PCs) and he respects them. He realizes that the world has changed dramatically and isn’t going to make too many rash decisions. However, if he is not given the respect he feels that he is entitled to, you will find that he can hold a grudge. It is not wise to anger a man who has laid waste to empires.

Abilities: STR: 0 AGL: 7 FGT:7 AWE: 5 STA:2 DEX: 7 INT:9 PRE:4
Defenses: Dodge: 9 Parry: 9 Fort: 2 Toughness: 5/2 (without chainmail) Will: 5
Initiative :7
Skills: Athletics:
4 Close combat: 7 Deception:8 Expertise (Magic): 12 Expertise (Tactics):12 Insight:12 Intimidation:7 Investigate:11 Perception: 10 Persuasion: 4 Ranged Combat:9 Sleight of hand: 8 Stealth + 7
Advantages: Assessment,Fearless, Improved Critical 2 ( The First Bow), Leadership, Ritualist, Sidekick 10 (see below) , Equipment 1
Powers : Immunity 1 (aging), Comprehend 2 ( Understand all, You’re Understood), Device ( The First Bow; Blast 10 Extended Range 3), Device ( The Ghost Sword; Strike 10, Affects Insubstantial 2, Insidious)
Equipment: Chainmail armor (
3), Club (Backup weapon).
Complications: Honor, Cruel, Enemy

Sidekick Name: Naiman. Genghis Khan’s Loyal Horse.
Abilities STR:9 AGL: 4 FGT:0 AWE: 0 STA: 8 DEX: 0 INT: -2 PRE:-5
Defenses: Dodge: 4, Parry: 0, Fortitude: 8, Toughness: 8, Will: 0
Initiative + 4
Skills: Athletics:9, Stealth 4 ( all others at base)
Powers: Immunity 1: (aging) Speed 9, Senses 3 ( Counters Illusion, Danger Sense), Movement 4 ( Surefooted 1, Wall Crawling 1, Water Walking 1)
Complications: Is a Horse, Loyalty.


Genhis Khan

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